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Our focus is on Workplace Management Innovation, Integration and Customer Satisfaction

Facility Management Planners, Inc. (FMP) is committed to developing innovative Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) solutions that help clients continuously extract maximum value over the lifecycle of their real estate and facilities assets.


Our Integrated Approach

Advanced technologies and analytics help us effectively utilize a company’s disjointed sources of data and connect it into a globally accessible set of workflow and strategic decision-making tools. This, in turn, creates a more responsive and agile organization.

What our clients are saying

As the global pandemic ran its course and the acceleration of hybrid workplaces as models became more commonplace, we realized we had an urgent need if we wanted to see our company’s continued success. We had to be able to design and build our cutting-edge campus, all while operating within the framework of today’s “New Ways of Working.” To effectively join these two endeavors together, we would need the right partner. FMP has indeed filled that role and been our trusted advisor while helping us with business process reengineering along the way and continuing to move us into the future.

Jimmy Smith,

AVP R&I Americas, L’Oreal USA

Thanks to the strategic advising from FMP and several integrations, ARCHIBUS allows us to understand how departments are truly utilizing our buildings. This has allowed us to make several significant Capital Project decisions and better streamline our budgeting process each year.

David Kiyohara,

SCE Corporate Facilities Project Manager

So today, we now have anywhere from $10 million to $15 million in projects that we will have in motion from year to year, and the execs have also transitioned from thinking of projects in one-year chunks to now being able to think of ongoing project activities in three-year increments for more normalized, long-range planning and budgeting.

Dave Carew,

Real Estate Resources Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)


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