Facility Management Services: Continuity and Quality with Myspot

On Jun 5, 2024

Facility management services today more than ever require tools capable of supporting all involved stakeholders. From property owners needing to enhance their properties within a post pandemic landscape reshaped by the new ways of working, which has redefined the models of corporate space utilization, to providers tasked with delivering excellent services while preserving adequate margins. And let’s not forget the corporate users with their needs for work environments that align with the flexible dynamics of increasingly prevalent smart working practices. Myspot, the platform developed by eFM, emerges as a leading-edge solution tailored to meet the needs of these stakeholders, simplifying the matching process between clients and providers in the domain of facility management through an innovative model for qualifying demand and supply. Here’s how.

Qualifying Demand and Supply with Myspot

In order to assess both demand and supply, Myspot employs two interconnected algorithms. This approach allows facility management services to be defined firstly based on the management scope of spaces, identifying the characteristics of the property under contract: type, number of workstations, common areas, facilities, etc. Secondly, Myspot provides a comprehensive catalog of services that can be included or excluded from the contract, ranging from environmental hygiene to maintenance, from reception to advanced space planning activities.

Furthermore, the platform allows for the selection of a predefined set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through which both the owner and corporate user and the provider can monitor expected results on one hand and achieved results on the other. Alongside these parameters, Myspot also includes the ability to identify the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that the provider must guarantee to achieve predefined availability objectives. Finally, it offers a standard of remuneration that can be correlated with performance.

Ensuring Continuity in Facility Management Services

Myspot transcends its role as a mere digital procurement tool for facility management services. It serves as a cornerstone for contractual continuity, furnishing objective data to certify performance and provide pertinent reporting to all involved parties. Real estate managers gain access to a performance monitoring dashboard for each service, empowering them to oversee operations effortlessly. By harnessing designated KPIs, they can gauge the efficacy of optimized real estate asset management on overall business profitability.

For providers and suppliers, Myspot offers a robust system that enhances activity planning, streamlines workforce management, and facilitates proactive intervention through predictive maintenance, preempting potential issues. Every transaction within Myspot becomes a wellspring of actionable insights, fostering continuous enhancements across the entire contract lifecycle.

Elevating the Standard of Facility Management Excellence

One of the key pillars on which Myspot relies upon to strengthen trust and the bond between owners/corporate users and providers is quality. Often, in the context of facility management services, this term does not identify an objective factor measurable through indisputable indicators but is instead entrusted to the goodwill of providers who must comply with the subjective evaluation of owners or managers. Myspot disrupts this paradigm by introducing Quality parameters divided into ‘perceived’ and ‘delivered’ quality.

The ‘perceived’ quality index draws from user satisfaction levels and complaint metrics, with a keen focus on end-user feedback. Conversely, ‘delivered’ quality measures the tangible availability of systems, environments, or devices vis-à-vis agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs). It is the intersection of these dimensions of quality that ensures unparalleled facility management services, fostering mutual trust and objective recognition between clients and providers. And this is why MYSPOT represents an advantage for both parties.

This commitment to quality underscores Myspot’s advantage for all parties involved, heralding a new standard of excellence in facility management.

Closing the Gap with Myspot:
Your Path to Streamlined Facility Management

As we navigate the dynamic demands of today’s business environment, the quest for efficiency becomes ever more crucial. Enter Myspot: not just a tool, but a catalyst for revolutionizing facility management. Through state-of-the-art technology and forward-thinking strategies, Myspot bridges the gap between your organization and top-tier service providers, optimizing performance and ensuring unparalleled quality.

Bid farewell to inefficiencies and usher in a new era of facility management excellence. Embrace the future with Myspot today.


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