Myspot and the intangible side of engagement

On Feb 7, 2024

Finding your flow and building community

The intangible side of engagement

Giving a definition of workplace engagement today becomes increasingly complex. There are many factors that influence its levels: from flexibility, to the work team, through challenges, the sense of belonging, the recognition of competence and autonomy in managing one’s time.

If on the one hand providing an unambiguous definition of engagement in the workplace is difficult, it is even more difficult to quantify the metrics and dynamics that compose it. There are numerous players on the market pursuing the most comprehensive concepts of engagement, including Gallup, which has created some tools useful for identifying the basic components of engagement: the CliftonStrengths and the Q12.

According to Daniele Appetito, CEO eFM North America: “Focusing on the relationships that arise within the workplace, putting people at the center of the operating model, with their passions, skills, desire for social interaction, and to contribute to improvement of the community, this is the key to improving the engagement that we want to enable thanks to Myspot.”


The CliftonStrengths system is based on the premise that focusing on and developing a person’s strengths can lead to greater personal satisfaction and team contribution. It is based on 34 universal strength themes, or “talents,” which are divided into four categories:

1.) Executing: realization, implementation and action.
2.) Influencing: persuasion, communication and leadership.
3.) Relationship Building: collaboration, connection and interpersonal relationships.
4.) Strategic Thinking: visioning, planning and problem solving.

Q12 Employee Engagement Survey

Gallup’s Q12 is an employee engagement survey based on twelve questions related to various aspects of work and organizational dynamics. The questions address topics such as clarity of expectations, development opportunities, recognition, relationship with supervisor and other factors that influence employee well-being and productivity.

The goal is not to simply have employees complete a survey. It’s starting a conversation within an organization: it’s communicating needs, creating relationships.

The role of Myspot

Myspot is the solution developed by eFM to build a bridge between the individual and their fulfillment. It allows you to map your interests and professionalism, identify the best spaces to work in and monitor your developed and potential relational capital by connecting to other members of the community. According to Daniele Appetito, CEO eFM North America:

With Myspot, we have tried to aggregate all these intangible resources and make them available to the individual, to allow them to interact better, in their daily lives, with close, enriching and engaging experiences. Myspot’s internal metrics support users by providing them with an easy and intuitive relational compass. With the aim of stimulating the creation of new communities and the strengthening of existing ones, guiding them within an ecosystem of places spread across the territory, we created the Hubquarter program.”


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