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Failure to record a property/asset at the time of acquisition will result in considerable cost and loss of accurate data in the future. FMP will help you:

  • Qualify owner’s needs for data management systems
  • Engineer the process for handoff of construction data to owners
  • Work with General Contractor to capture construction data for post occupancy maintenance and operations
  • Engage sub-contractors, evaluate their process and deliver accurate data for handover
  • Represent owner’s data needs to construction team
  • Data verification for final handover deliverable
  • Develop a process to collect and manage data on future construction projects using BIM tools

Construction Management Integration

Break down the wall between construction and facility management; owners receive inaccurate and in-complete as-build data while the “what exists” data is never collected nor delivered.

FMP will bridge the information gap between design-build-management and recommend proper techniques according to your needs, not the contractor’s.

Facility Condition Assessment and Capital Replacement Planning

The condition of an organization’s physical asset portfolio – including outstanding deficiencies and deferred maintenance liabilities – can adversely affect asset service life and the ability to support core business functions. FMP will help you accomplish effective asset stewardship and mitigate risk to the organization through a variety of condition assessment services:

  • Prolong individual asset service life by identifying minor repair issues before the asset condition deteriorates to point of replacement
  • Reduce administrative costs by focusing inspection on the most susceptible assets and systems
  • Reduce asset and staff downtime through the proactive identification of deficiencies and effective management of contingencies
  • Streamline the aggregation and reporting of deficiency costs for improved capital budgeting and planning
  • Improve alignment of preventative maintenance strategy with actual operating conditions and experience
  • Increase efficiency via integrated assessment and work order management for closed loop problem resolution

Document Control

FMP can help you establish a process for the management of your drawings and documents—check in and check out, as-builts and close-out procedures—as well as help you provide the necessary contract language for vendors regarding standards for your IWMS system.

Building Operations

Facility Managers are the lifeline of a building. Without Facility Managers having the proper tools to do their job, it will accelerate the depreciation of the building. FMP understands the needs of the FM and the building, marrying technology with proven methodologies to support constant operation.

  • Work Order Management for on-demand and preventive maintenance
  • Process engineer efficient operation of systems and equipment
  • Setup and automation of Service Level Agreements and scheduling tools
  • Key performance indicators to support maximum equipment life and minimal downtime

Controls Monitoring

FMP’s technology-based controls monitoring solution is a continuous monitor of asset performance and helps clients transition from traditional, reactive maintenance models to real-time monitoring of full systems, including risk insights and recommendations. It allows clients to redeploy resources from expense-based budgets to value-based investments.


  • Enhanced Accuracy: “Available” – demonstrates components adhering to expected process and tolerances. Shift your focus to understanding and reducing anomalies.
  • Collaboration: Increase trust and transparency across the organization with centralized dashboards and extractable insight content.
  • Integration: Connect & synthesize risk and control data from multiple platforms across the organization.
  • Reduce Costs: Reduce costs by reducing human capital effort on low-value work tickets, transferring
    risk resolution to frontline management and identifying process deviations for further investigation.

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