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Environmental Health & Safety

To determine the existence of environmental influences that may exist in or around a facility, our team assists in system tracking of carbon footprint analysis and consumption measurement. Emissions, solid/hazardous waste, chemicals and recyclables are also conditions we can help you more accurately understand and manage your environmental and health safety rating.

Compliance & Risk

Organizations are subject to a variety of laws, regulations and standards pertaining to their properties and facilities. Most organizations have departments focusing on internal policies to manage and access compliance programs and correct in-violation actions. The maintenance of tracking requirements, responses, and actions on schedule is critical.

Our team will help you track and manage compliance programs and assessments through operational reports, management reports and systems integration.


Want to lower energy costs, reduce carbon footprint and mitigate the risk associated with energy rate fluctuations?

FMP will help you aggregate, evaluate, and optimize energy and utility spending decisions to reduce unnecessary consumption. Our team works with users to correlate and manage extensive cost and consumption data, utilizing real-time facility and infrastructure portfolio information. Evaluate usage and measure the effect of change all through objective benchmarks and dashboards.

Clean and Healthy Building

Whether hazardous materials occurred historically (such as asbestos or lead paint used in older construction), by accident (a toxic spill or a water leak that has led to mold growth), or natural cause (radon), your primary concern is getting it accounted for and cleaned up.

  • FMP will help your business locate, identify, and abate hazardous materials that may be present in the environment.

Regardless of your Healthy Building rating system (UL Verified Healthy Building, Fitwell Building Scorecard, WELL Building Standard, etc.), we can help.

  • FMP can manage contracts for services to get buildings certified using one of these certification processes.
  • FMP can help implement air and water quality sensors and integrate them with clients’ Maintenance and Building Management systems to ensure that a building stays healthy.
  • FMP will also ensure that a client has implemented and is executing healthy building cleaning practices (either performed by internal resources or contract services).

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